Life in the African Bush

Well, we arrived at ulusaba safe and sound.

The British Airways international flight was a little bumpy but as usual we were looked after royally by the cabin crew.  As it’s my son’s birthday treat I decided to buy posh seats and we weren’t disappointed.


There was even a celebrity onboard.  Stunningly beautiful supermodel Naomi Campbell wafted into her seat and managed to look magical the whole flight.


I, however, was a sweaty, nervous flyer mess.  Thankfully, the crew were brilliant and calmed all of my concerns.  As my BA hunks always say to me, you’ll break before the plane does.  I think that’s meant to be comforting…


A restless sleep later and we were in Africa. Just the tense, hour long hop up to Ulusaba and we were on the deck drinking champagne and chattering excitedly about what we hoped to see on our first drive.

Check out some of our sightings from our first game drive below.  There are plenty of videos on my Insta story highlights including rhino, giraffe hippo and buffalo.


My photos are average.  My son’s @wolfiekutner on instagram are brilliant.

We are already settling in and and have already even managed to work out…


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