Don’t underestimate an angry elephant…

Day Two at Ulusaba

There’s nothing more relaxing than watching elephants chew their way through grassland while you’re sitting comfortably in a open-sided game vehicle.  Until a grumpy female wants to pick a fight.

Elephant herds by definition are predominantly female.  From the matriarch – the eldest and wisest of the herd – right through the ranks.

Males head off when they reach puberty and tend to settle into a loose affiliation with other males.  A male elephant in musth is full of testosterone and fury so best to give them a wide berth.

The bigger herds though are generally more relaxed and will happily tolerate a game vehicle joining the party.  However, as with humans, when one of the females is having a bad day she will certainly let you know.  That’s what happened to me today.  She gave me quite a scare…

Not quite as scared as this lone buffalo would have felt when he found himself surrounded by a pride of lion.

Nevertheless, he stood his ground and despite a young lioness fancying her chances, her aunt advised caution of the big old bull and he lived to roam the savannah for another day.

Heading back to camp I was delighted to see my all time favourite animal.  Not a leopard, lion or giraffe – though they are my second favourite – but, warthog!

They were a very long way away but it was still wonderful to see them scurrying through the Bush, their little tales in the air.

This afternoon we’re going fishing…

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