Hornier the better. Rhinos are back…

Hello everyone,

There was a time not too long ago when I feared I would never see rhino in the wild again.

They were being hunted almost to extinction by poachers who would butcher the animal for its horn, sometimes as its calf stood petrified next to the mother. It would then be sold for $65,000 per kilo on the black market to ridiculously vulnerable customers who thought powdered rhino horn could improve their libido.

Rhino horn is keratin. That’s hair or fingernails. It doesn’t give you a better sex life. It does though protect rhinos from predators and each other. They can live into their 50s if they’re left alone.

Thanks to the anti-poaching patrols at Sabi Sands that’s increasingly likely. These boys are tough and determined and don’t take lightly to those who would massacre these majestic animals.

Poachers beware.


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