Meet A Cheetah

Cheetah are beautiful but elusive animals here in Sabi Sands. They are more prevalent in Kenya and Tanzania.

Not one of the Big 5, nevertheless they are a must see on any safari mission.

Cheetah walk extremely long distances and so can be difficult to track. This male is around seven years old and has a territory of 80 sq km. That’s a huge area for our Ulusaba ranger team to traverse. But, once again they didn’t disappoint.

We found this male, the only one in the east of Sabi Sands in a clearing to the south of the area. He was pretty chilled and allowed us to travel alongside him for a while.

Cheetah can travel at 120 km/h. Have non-retractable claws for better grip and are good at climbing trees when necessary – away from the danger of predatory lions.

We were lucky enough to have previously seen this cheetah last September. Before that we hadn’t seen him for five years.

Hope you enjoy these images from Wolfie Kutner. Follow him on Instagram @wolfiekutner and see my instastory @kayburley_ for our adventures in Africa

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